Paint Brushes

Paint directly in the OpenGL Viewport onto Polygon Objects. Use Stamps and Stencils to paint directly onto your models. Select layers using the new Material View or work directly with BodyPaint. Easily change stamps and stencils using the new Content View.

Note: This is an early beta video of the new Painting features of 4D Publish 1.5. A new video will be made in time that goes over the features in more detail.


Sculpting Based Brushes

  • Paint brushes based on the Sculpting system.
  • Use all the features of the sculpting system to paint stamps and stencils symmetrically onto your objects.
  • This brush requires Cinema 4D Studio Edition or BodyPaint.

Paint Brush Standard

  • Works with any version of Cinema 4D and BodyPaint.
  • Does not require the Sculpting system.
  • Paint directly onto any Polygonal Object
  • Project an image directly onto objects.
  • Project a Vector Graphics image directly onto objects.
  • Octane support for direct updating to the Live View.