UDIM Workflows

A new one click system has been added to easily load in all the textures exported from Mari and create a new material for each UDIM found. What would currently take hours to do manually can now be done in seconds.

Note: This is an older video from a previous product which has a slightly different UI, but the workflow is still the same.


Step 1: Import your 3D File

  • Load in your 3D file.
  • Next open up the Material View and use the Flip UVs button to correctly setup the UDIMs so that they are correct in the Y axis. See the above video for more information.


Step 2: Setup UDims for Object 

  • Make sure the object you imported is selected.
  • Press the 'Setup UDIM's for Object' button on the Material View.
  • Select a texture in the folder that contains all your named UDIM textures that were exported from Mari. 
  • Press Setup Selected to do the following
    • Create a new material for each UDIM
    • Create a selection tag for the UVs for each UDIM and assign it to the material
    • Load in all the textures from the folder and assign them to the correct channel on the UDIM.

Step3 : Paint

  • In the Material View right click on one of the new materials and select "Paint All".
  • Select a paint brush and start painting .